Are you in need of counseling from a mental health professional?


Every life is important!

Everyday Process counseling Center is open to all couples and individuals in and near Troy, MI. It is our desire to walk beside every person who chooses to visit us. We strive to create a caring and supportive environment where people in need of counseling can sit with a mental health professional and regain control of their lives. We exist because every relationship, every emotion, and every story you are a part of matters – every life is important.

We want to help people reflect on their life events so they can gain perspective, escape lies, embrace truth, experience joy, and discover or rediscover purpose. Many times our painful past causes us to embrace and believe a story that just isn’t true. Have you learned from life or heard from someone: “you are worthless, you are a failure, you will never be anything?" we want to help you.

In need of counseling?

Why work with a mental health professional?

Slowing down, even for an hour, to share your story with a professional counselor, can help start the process to gaining clarity and understanding. You may not be able to change the past, but you may be able to learn from it. The process of working through traumas with a professional counselor can be liberating. You can learn to establish new ways of thinking, new behaviors, and those can provide you with new direction.

Do you offer counseling near me?

Everyday Process Counseling Center offers counseling to residents in and around Troy, MI. Whether you are an individual needing perspective or a couple needing guidance we can help you. Our offices are conveniently located just off of i75 at the big beaver exit.

Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment for your first session.

Mental Health Services for Individuals


You may feel alone with your problem, but your situation can improve. Let us partner with you in your journey to figuring out your unique solution. We like to describe it as problem management and opportunity development.

Individual Counseling →

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Counseling Services for Couples


Married, engaged or not quite ready yet (pre-committment), let's work together to clarify where your relationship is going and provide you with the communication tools you need to make the best decision possible. 

Premarital Counseling→ 

Marriage Counseling